Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Electric Car Sales Revenue Skyrockets

An electric automobile can effectively save you money.
According to an editorial posted by Newswire.net, there has been a recent spike in the domestic sales of electric vehicles. This can be attributed to the recent trend of energy conservation. In a recent report released by the United States Department of Energy, the decrease in the price point of batteries has plummeted to an affordable rate. Previously, retails sales of green cars were almost non-existence when compared to current metrics.

The general manager of a local Hyundai automotive vehicle dealership was interviewed on his thought on the recent increase in sales. Joe states, "The market segment for electric green cars has increased tenfold due to the 63% decrease in the overall trend of battery prices for an entry-level model."

A leaked image of the rumored Hyundai Ioniq

Friday, April 29, 2016

New Endorsement, Jackson Kayak of the Paddlesports Industry

As recently expressed by the Outdoor Industry Association, Jackson Kayak welcomes a seasoned veteran to its team of senior management.

Battling the current near an Arkasas creek, Joe Pulliam asserts his will upon the rough waters 

Founder of Jackson Kayak, Eric 'EJ' Jackson, is excited for the growth and expansion of the corporation.

To find out more about technical specifications, please continue to: http://jacksonkayak.com/team-jk/exploration-team/joe-pulliam/

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Presenting The Driving Force Behind Crain's Success

General Manager of Crain Hyundai of Fort Smith

Joe Pulliam is an automotive sales consultant from Mount Ayr, Iowa. During his high school career, he was part of the wrestling team as well as the football team. The mascot of Mount Ayr High School is the raider. After graduating in 1986, Joe relocated to Fort Smith, Arkansas. Since joining the automotive industry in 1994, Mr. Pulliam has expanded his skill set to include: developing his sales force, leading a diverse team, providing feedback on performance, resolving contractual disputes, and developing a cross-functional culture with an emphasis on continuous improvement.

Taken during my most recent white water kayaking journey
For more information about Joe, please visit: https://angel.co/joe-pulliam

Tips on Optimal Car Selling

Sharing my tips on automotive sales on Vimeo.

Clocking in at an astonishing zero miles per hour!

Joe Pulliam, Arkansas resident, is an all-terrain vehicle aficionado.
Featuring my favorite ATV

Meet one of my employees!

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